Our Story…

We all know love when we see it. A small child and the family dog snuggled together in a corner of the couch. A cat rubbing against a parent’s legsas he or she makes dinner. Sometimes the love is quiet—anyone who’s had a pet knows that pets stay close when they sense you’re feeling sad. […]

Max’s Story

Joe first met him in the parking lot of the Rhode Island SPCA. The 47-year-old man was weeping, and Joe Warzycha, the SPCA’s humane officer, couldn’t help asking what was wrong. He’d just had his dog euthanized he said. As the two talked, more details spilled out. The man was homeless, living in an SUV […]

Lilly’s Story

You can hear the affection in his voice as Tom Mitson talks about Lilly. An English mastiff, Lilly came into Tom’s life when she was just over a year old. Shortly thereafter, Lilly and the 75-year-old retiree became inseparable. “I boarded her once when I was away,” Tom says, “but her nose was rubbed raw […]